Tuesday, 23 August 2016


Brace up, the end of the year approaches faster than a comet and the rave for uniqueness and class is on the all-time high. Amidst the madness of wedding dress shopping, bridal train, hair, make up, food, venue and all the other things that makes the crowd go yay or nay at a wedding, there in lies a spectacular bride of the bride. Most significant in Nigeria wedding preparations is the Aso ebi (making same material available to a particular set of persons for easy identification and unison) which some people are beginning to find over rated and stressful. Why not just wear the colour of the day in any material and style? But then, when executed, it could be the most spectacular sight. Did I fail to mention the cake? That is the silent mistress; trust me when I say we love to see how she is dressed as she too can make a huge impact of the wedding review. But then, we have to give the stage to the beautiful fragrant flower girl, the traditional queen that ordains her next bride-The Bouquet. Ever wonder why she is placed specially on the turn of events? CATCH THE BOUQUET!!!

The bouquet catching tradition started back in medieval Europe, when single wedding guests viewed the bride’s dress a symbol of good luck, so they would chase her and rip a piece off a piece of her dress. When wedding dresses became something that brides spent more money on, they would throw other objects as a distraction. The bouquet, later on, became the traditionally thrown object, since flowers symbolize fertility. Another version is in France in the 1300's the bride tossed her bouquet before she left on her honeymoon. The tradition began with the bride tossing a garter or stocking. The bouquet symbolized a bride's good fortune being passed to the maiden who caught it. (Imagine ripping apart a dress in these days? I can bet you the bride would forget it's her wedding day and go all Jackie Chan on her fellow sisters…lol) Anyway, the bouquet can be an object of artistic presentation as it can be a form of expression either within the theme of the wedding or the vibe of the bride. My opinion? Be audacious with your craft. 

Hand Tied Bouquet

Back when I was much younger, bouquets were so well rounded I though it a criminal offence to have a flower set out of place. Most of all that I saw, (and I must say they were quite a few, weddings were not among my favourite hang out spots-Weird?), were made with organza or satin-to think about it now, Lord have mercy. Thank God for the evolution of wedding ceremonies and interpretations, the little Queen has taken up a new look, more vibrate and colourful in the right shades; She flows, runs free, even dangles when she knights the next bride to be...lol

To the beautiful sisters who would make it to the aisle in the traditional, unconventional, audacious way,whatever way, spice up you day with more colours; your bouquet (round, pageant, Nosegay, Posy cascade, pomander) experience can be more exciting when you dare her petals…

Round Bouquet
Posy Bouquet
Nosegay Bouquet
Cascade Bouquet
Composite Bouquet
Pomander Bouquet
Pageant Bouquet