Monday, 8 December 2014

LA casa DE la pureza DE la TELA..

Hello love, 
sorry I am just writing to you after my previous declaration of your unmatched elegance and grace. I scouted the terrain of words, picking on phonetics and semantics, looking fruitlessly for words that would capture the gory sore that nest upon my heart for you. Found none, only my books speak the words my lips cannot.

Hello Love, 
Did you read Sydney's Apology for poetry or Bizzle's Dear hip pop? Well this is my apology to you. I hope you would forgive the sons of men that have caused you to bleed from the thready pores of your being. You were to be the Bathsheba of the 21st century, the Penelope of the Modern Odessey.  But you are now exalted as the prostitute of ancient Babylon, the new image of Jazebel. But me, myself and I would cherish your Hellenic image, the quintessential elegance of Penelope that you portray. 

Hello love, 

 I cried with you when the hands of men silenced the girl of colour. I shared your shame when naturism mocked your crown , when buffism  crumbled the walls that you built with bended back. It wasn't in Egypt it all began, no. Not even on the terrain of the Rose wars, no. It began far into the spade that cuts deep into time and space. 

Hello love, 
For Gothicism's invasion I feel obligated to apologize. How the wizard of the Snow White tale has taken out her fury on you... I cry for you. Men see your renaissance  but alas, a grave is in sight. Only a remnant understand who you are and the gospel you come to preach, the bible you print. 

Hello love,  
forgive me, your Transfigured Apostle, forgive the lateness of my entry, the delay of my wilderness sermon. This is my apology to you la casa de la pureza de la tela-la maison de pureté tissu. 
I have been knighted  and would preach louder than a labouring Deer. Just wipe the tears for shame would fade and I and the remnant that are yet to bow to Baal would sing the new tale beyond the jet years. 

As 2010 opened I remarked that I believed that the role of nudity in fashion would evolve across the course of the year. As I saw it the prevalence of ‘raw’ quality photography, largely spurred on by the celebrity of Terry Richardson and brands such as American Apparel, would wane. In essence, I envisioned that the inclusion of nudity would become less gratuitous and instead work to evoke a reaction, an emotion. Fashion imagery is about selling a lifestyle, and to me the use of nudity would transition into one that sold sensuality. 
On the face of it, it would seem that I was being hopeful. Nudity without meaning is still common, though nudity with artistic value (i.e. without simply being an overblown photo) is increasingly produced. Gratuitousness still occurs. But for both of these points, that lack of evolution has been top down. The industry at large is still often producing photo shoots as it was many moons ago. The tastes of those of us who consume as readers, however, has changed and evolved. Raw nudity for nudity’s sake makes less of an impact and elicits less of a response. Whereas intimate photos of a perfect body was met with awe in 2009, at the tail end of 2010 it’s more likely to see questions left asking “where is the fashion.” And the raw is the key to that sentence; when there’s an erotic, sensual or emotion edge to a photo shoot the response is far different as evidenced by the response to the 2011 Vogue Paris calendar – there’s little in the shoot in the way of fashion, but with an undeniable level of intimacy it was little derided.. 
So, as I update this article at the tail end of 2010, that is precisely where the role of nudity within fashion, be it in photo shoots or in advertising, stands: it is evolving. We, the consumers, have evolving tastes. We’re looking to consume fashion with meaning, photo shoots that drive the imagination. And where nudity is involved, that means erotica, sexuality, sensuality and emotion. Less and less are we being engaged by raw nudity simply for the sake of it."Daniel P Dykes  

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