Thursday, 8 January 2015


Merry new year and colourful blessings ahead. New year new things right? Don't forget to say a prayer.Well to start off this year would be a part two of our free thinkers series-the mysterious fashion thinker.This African beauty has take her time to give us a glimpse of her interpreted fashion fever. Her style is bold and BOLD lol. I sort for how well to caption this and...

              I brag of my ancient rights to brag
             from coast to coast...ringing
             I brag on Africa, the lily of the universal model. 
             I brag...i brag in deuces, mantis, in Xenia Africanized.  
             Music is the soul's food and mystery the spirit's haven. 
             I brag on the Mary re-formed, for the Helen re-structured and Ithaca empowered.  
             I brag on Bansi's wish come true, for the boxer's tale renewed.  
            I brag on her, the personification of my words. 
            I brag on the double coated plastic the shades her eyes from the sun.
            I brag on her high cheek bones that have become towers of sunshine, on her lips that are now             stretched flowing rivers that kiss in the sun's light.
          I brag on her swag, for the statement of a thousand no's re-echo the strengthened woman inside.
           I brag on her name, on her earth, her bricks soldiers glittering in white amour.
           I brag on

Ps..after a good work out, man must chop...Bama and biscuit on