Wednesday, 14 January 2015


Print, art and fashion have evolved to become inseparable siblings as their merger has created a whole new dimension in the word of fabric manipulation.
"Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months. 

 Why would we look out for the next best thing? To sit for hours staring in and out of ourselves to find a new muse for a fashion collection? Its simple, there is a in muse even in the most useless object. Fashion has cut cross plain, printed, mixed, ruffled and distorted grounds It has and is still crossing the mines of creative dismemberment, through creative surgery and artistic evolution.
"Fashion is conceived as irrational because it changes constantly, has no content, works as an external decoration, and carries no intellectual elements. 
YUNIYA KAWAMURA, Fashion-ology"

The African fabrics has began its major debut in the fashion world as it is rapidly becoming a revered muse for fashion designers. Whether its the Kente fabric of Ghana, Shemma fabric of Ethiopia, or the Shuka fabric of kenya, Ankara fabrics are now embrace globally for their vibrant coloures and unique construction.Unique in  its own way, it turns even the most ordinary of dresses into red carpet killer and show stoppers.

The Shuka fabric of the Kenyan people is rubbed with colours or dye to make it red, becoming a camouflage with the red dirt of that part of the county.

Louis Vitton replicated the Shuka fabric in his 2012 Spring-Summer collection dancing around the modern styles and accessories. 

More vibrant fabrics from the heart of Africa-Masai village in Kenya

The African fabrics have also expanded its influence on fashion designer owing to its wide spread acceptance and all rounded presentation. The colours, structures and diverse patterns make the ordinary new and dimensional.  

African Tribal print fabric- Super Deluxe Wax

African Tribal print fabric- Super Deluxe Wax

African Tribal print fabric- Super Deluxe Wax  (left) and Sika Design (Right)

Painting as another expressive form of artistic creation, has bridged the confines of the rigid canvas. Art paintings have secured a place in the word of fashion as fashion designers now adopt its intrinsic influence on fabric from the bold brush strokes, to paint swirls, photography to graffiti, pop art prints, murals and  architecture.
At the Lakme Fashion week 2014, Indian miniature paintings of India's history from 16th-17th century played muse for Aarti Vijay Gupta's Summer-Spring collection. Narendra Kumar turned to the works of American abstract artist Franz Kline's paintings and Sounia Golhil's  European renaissance themed collection.
                                            Lamke Fashion Week Summer-Resort 2014

Aarti Vijay Gupta Summer-Spring collection 2014

Narendra Kumar (left) and Sounia Golhil (right) Summer-resort 2014

Artistic paintings have also become flourishing muse for fashion designers as they make texture creations more vivid and and flamboyant. However the dress may be, there is a new side and meaning attached to a dress the moment a dynamic print and texture whether in illusion or reality is added. Gustavo Nova a Chilean by birth is tagged the champion of ecology and wild life preservation. His paintings create the actual mesmerizing effect of nature and mysticism with his combination of colour and constructive representation. The wrap dress(left-below) completely radiates a stronger personality as its blends with the painting of a true nature lover.
John Kingerlee is an Irish painter who adorns abstract art. He explores man's mathematical movement in and about landscape against the conventional parallel lines of landscape representation, receding from fore ground to back ground. The texture of this tunic dress is almost tangible to the human eye but it is all illusion texture.

Colourful Gossip Dress.                                         Miracle of Nature Dress
Artist: Gustavo Nova                                              Artist: John Kingerlee

George Morton-Clark de-constructs the world around him in a Non- conformist way to produce art that shows the necessary truths of the society. He describes his art as an amalgamation of bold images and colours according to him,"society has evolved a paranoid state of mind because of our ever-enlightened freedoms. I see the world as a colliding of consciousness, made violent by its increasing extremes... I use my art work to explore the effects of these pressures on each other and ourselves". This dress is definitely a a radiation of audacity with a voice to make a bold statement in simplicity.

    Chic stick tunic -Artist George Morton Clark

Dolce and Gabbana explore the diversity of texture and fashion with their Spring-Summer collection 2014 projecting prints of ancient Greek ruins with columns and crumbling Italian architecture. The illusion textures of solid architectures created in the prints elevate each piece to a pedestal of uniqueness.

They also creatively embellish regular dresses with prints of Greek coins, producing a unique newness and solidity about what would have been the ordinary.

Fashion does in her time, exalt the one that presents its self as a true muse

"Fashion ... has brought every thing into vogue, by turns.