Thursday, 24 September 2015


Remember those crazy girls that make you want to go wild, stay sane, be different, be spontaneous, be nicely naught, flowery crazed, properly elegant...yeah those girls who we like to call die hard friends. Do you know the follow you all the way to the alter(not to share the groom )

The Bridesmaids...

The wedding day, comprising of the bride and groom surrounded by drama whether in large or small scale is also embed the fashionable women of colour...or not. I for one look our for the beautiful dresses by firstly the bride and then the BRIDESMAIDS. The presentations of these babes  can easily make a beautiful burst of fun for the entire outlook of the weeding. Conventional? all bridesmaids in the same colour and style or unconventional, different styles and colours all together. I have a very unconventional friend who is of the option that bridesmaids are overrated and so can't have them at her wedding. Top of the list, her friends can decide to do something with regard outfit if the want to- DEEP. 

Having a small wedding in Nigeria is a trend that still needs to be gotten used to. Its really all about the glam and bridesmaids are a very important part of it. Colour and silhouette are very tricky when it comes to choosing the bridesmaids appearance. I love the idea of same dresses with different shades of the same colour or even different colours. But then, same dresses with different much ideas to explore these days..yep its call Fashion re-definition. Donna Morgan Bridesmaid dresses-Serenity Collection are are characterized by very delicate, comfortable and elegant dresses that make Greece look more alive. She explores the various ideas of the bridesmaids' appearance and nailed them all. ( I for one am a big fan of the white flowing dresses all in the same colour but with different designs).  The bohemian concepts are too so natural I can almost taste nature by just looking at the pictures.

One, two...twenty, how many bridesmaids is too many? Its a day to let all laughs creative
How traditional will you be with your die-hard babes?

Pick your favs, what idea would you explore?
 Donna Morgan Bridesmaid dresses (Serenity Collection)

 Donna Morgan Bridesmaid dresses (Serenity Collection)


 Donna Morgan Bridesmaid dresses (Serenity Collection)

 Donna Morgan Bridesmaid dresses (Serenity Collection)
Bohemian concept for the maids....



 Boots in-love...

It's safe to say that if I could do my wedding more than a thousand times over, I would definitely explore the different  styles and concepts