Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Fashion X Architecture

 Fashion I would like to say is the perfect mistress that caresses the ego of whoever and whatever she strides with. With that one, she makes a memorable union; whether it be with the captured perfectedness of photography, the vibrant muse in the nature, the ocean waves, the robust lightening in a dark night, the sprouted painting of a passionate artist or three dimentional cemented structures of a calculated STARchitect.She makes them her partner and an irresistible embelishment to the spot light.

Architecture and Fashion are two passions with like minds and mission. Walter Benjamin a German philosophy perfectly captured this unusual relationship when he stated that the two subjects belong,'...in the darkness of the lived moment, to the dream consciousness of the collective.' Architecture has the power to inspire with is delicate yet powerful play on space and lines. Its artistic provocation packages dynamism in ordinary structures

left: Dior's parade of white dresses presented against  a backdrop of endless white orchards with pink centres. right: A porcelain David Wiseman ceiling ornamentation showing a cherry blossom canopy.

Karl Largefield, Rick Owens, Albert Kriemler, Prada and many broad minded designers have actively patronise this alluring muse to create timeless fashion statement pieces. Fashion and Architecture express ideas of personal, social and cultural identity, reflecting the interest of the targeted audience ad the age of ambition. The former does so by dressing bodies and the latter dresses places.
The mosaic of Gaudi's La Sagrade Familia in Barcelona was the inspiration of Fabryan's  colour vibrant scarfs. The mosaic on silk accentuated the colourful irregularly shaped windows and explosive use of hue.
 Kwotow's twelfth century 'The Silent Space' draws inspiration from the works of Tadao Ando, a Japanese architect whose structures emphasise large open spaces to project simplicity in nothingness.

 Kwotow's twelfth century 'The Silent Space'  emphasising the simplicity if broad neutral colours and chunky structures as in the heels of the models.

Architecture and Fashion  have thus created a rare marriage accentuating the uniqueness and dynamism in each other. It has injected life into the supposed simple art of lines, fabric and stitches.

Architecturally inspired dresses by Rihanna Marchesa Fall/Winter collection 2008 paying subtle tribute to Queen
 Elizabeth 1
Every and anything can inspire the outcome of a 6yard fabric. I for one love the diversity of nature and the naked skies. I walked passed a nest of canoes carelessly hitched to pegs with their windbreakers roughly packed and tired to rickety poles. And just then I created mental dresses inspired by the fisher men's boat.  lol. Fashion has more muses than the classic English poets...
Have a dynamic week......