Thursday, 9 October 2014


So apparently I have began a Blog Spot. Didn't know what to put up, just created a name I know I have always wanted to have as my fashion pseudonym 'Reina de las Fabricas '. And then a voice said, make it a page centered  on fashion criticisms. lol;it was my sister, Estrella Gada. This might seem as a grand irony to the multitude of people, scrap that, the people that know me. She once said I should be charged to a fashion court and found guilty of fashion suicide. lol. Well if the were a fashion court I would be there and given the life sentence. But then, another female,(Ps, the sisters are plenty) Abojonyene said, ' your own fashion na for your mind. You sabi am but you kuku no dey do am'. Yep I did laughed but it was WORD.
So I would be your Joan Rivers(RIP) but more like a polite fashion police officer. Fashion school, Fashion house...all that's on the way. I intent for this to be a Christmas package popping up even in lent.  But till then...

"Dresses are more than pieces of fabric woven together to attain warmth, pleasure and self-esteem. They are intrinsic architectural pieces of the human make-up. Dresses tell stories that only the designer can interpret to the lay man. Fashion is an art that births art works in a spectrum. I see it as a tale of fabrics, a wonder like the chronicles where fabric, needles and thread, merge together to crystalize the words and strokes of the architect.  
The woman of fashion lingers in garment to have a story whispered into her ears, to become the protagonist of the dresses’ tale. 
 It’s more than a dress; its pages of unread stories, unlocked by the one that dares to wear. 
My choice of women fashion is not out of a need to join the league of dress makers constantly pouring norms and customs into vast societies. I aim to marry my art with the few that are waiting to hear and become walking stories and strokes. To be able to crystalize the bulging tale of mystique art that breeds with the lifeless designs of my sketch book. 
To see my stories told in a way that it has yet to be interpreted is my dream. To be an architect of modern fashion and create a new story in the world of fabrics..."